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A Brief History of Hair Salons brought by

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A Brief History of Hair Salons brought by

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Beauty is becoming more and more essential to the average woman. Applying cosmetics and going to beauty salons do not only improve the overall aesthetic appearance of a person, they also boost the self-confidence and self-respect of that person. This is why enhancing the beauty is becoming a common yet important activity for many women across the world.

One particular feature that women love to decorate and style is their hair

True to its cliché description, the hair is a crowning glory that immediately captures the attention of people. Furthermore, the hair adds to the lasting impression that people make every time they interact with new faces. This is why hair styling has been a part of the beauty regime of a woman.

However, the career of hair dressing and hair styling can be traced many centuries ago. In this article, will track the roots of hair salons in the world.

Hair Salon To begin with, it is said that the profession began in ancient Egypt. Artifacts show that hairdressers from a very long time ago have decorated boxes and cases that they used to store styling materials such as scissors, tools, and many other things. It is also said that in ancient Rome and Greece, wealthy men from elite families have servants who act as their personal hairdressers. Shaving and dyeing are among the many services that servants give to their masters.

It was the Greeks who started the beard trimming practice and they were the ones who opened the very first barber shops in the world. This business quickly spread through Rome and in 296 BC, these shops have become but unique to the public. Romans are known as one of the most meticulous groups of people when it comes to their appearance, so their barber shop called Tonstinae had offered more than just hair dressing; it also sold manicure, pedicure, and wax services just like ours from

Fast-forwarded to 1092, the Roman Catholic ecclesiastics needed to avail of facial hair removal. This called for more hair salons and the demand for hair care had rocketed.

In the early 1400s, hair dressers discovered products that can be utilized in their businesses – hair spray and other styling materials –

In the sixteenth century, the region of Europe began witnessing men in hair salons – they have started decorating the hair of women, too. During that period, Champagne was on the height of his career as a hair dresser in Paris. He was the one who styled the hair of wealthy women, until he died in 1658.

Hair Salons

It was in the middle of eighteenth century when wigs have become a stylish trend. Hairdressers then shifted to become wig makers. Wigs back then were not as fine as wigs today. However, just like common trends these days, the wigs lost its appeal to the public. By late 1900s, the wigs were phased out and the hair salons developed a bad reputation.

However, hair salons like ours from gained back its good and popular image just when shampoo bowl and plumbing were added to the picture. Furthermore, hair dressers experimented with artificial hair dye and the chemical called hydrogen peroxide in order to change the colors of the hair. In about 1890, Chicago witnessed the very first hair dressing school opened by two Frenchmen.

The end of the eighteenth century marked the shift from barber shops to hair salons. There had become a distinction between the two; Hair salons offered more complex services than barber shops. However, there were still several elite women who made their servants do their hair styles at home.

It was also probably around this period when Martha Matilda Harper, a business-minded woman, opened the world’s very first public salon, ‘The Harper Hair Parlor’. Despite Harper’s invention of today’s recliner chair in salons, she never patented it. Harper also opened schools intended for hair styling and she hired many girls to work for her in the salon.

In the twentieth century, more than twenty-five thousand salons were registered in the USA alone –

The transition from the 1900s to the 2000s gave birth to more than the basic services. Hair dryers, hair colors, and perms are among the various products and services that can be availed at hair salons like By the end of the twentieth century, these salons have become unisexual.


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