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Choosing the Perfect TaylorMade Golf Clubs for a Novice Golfer

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Choosing the Perfect TaylorMade Golf Clubs for a Novice Golfer

September 11, 2015      In Golf By ,,,, Comments Off on Choosing the Perfect TaylorMade Golf Clubs for a Novice Golfer

There are different types of TaylorMade golf clubs available on the market, but not all of them are needed by a novice player. Some golf clubs are more versatile as compared to others. A novice player needs to find a versatile club, since they are very helpful in different situations.

Taylormade golfBefore buying TaylorMade golf clubs, it is best if you have some knowledge about the various types of clubs and its purpose. If the players are aware of the terms usually used for golf clubs, players will most likely to make informed decisions if buying anything from putters to irons. It does not matter if the players want to purchase used or new clubs, it is important to know what to purchase, and how to purchase it.

Players should be able to identify the different clubs they need to use before they start playing golf. Thus, they should become aware with the various types of clubs, their purpose and their appearance, to play golf successfully.


To play golf a player need at least three woods. These clubs are helpful for driving the ball off the tee towards the pin. Woods have long shafts and round heads. The wood clubs are numbered three to seven, but novice players can play with only a three wood and a five wood.

3 Wood

Most novice golfers find that the three wood is very helpful if they need to hit the ball between 240 and 250 yards. It is much easier to control the swing if it has a smaller head on the wood, than to a driver, and the player will have a greater loft.

The TaylorMade Golf Burner Tour 3-Wood is a good example of a 3-wood. The triangular shape of the head provides this club a deep center of gravity, thus golfers experiences a lower spin-rate enabling them to hit the ball longer distances. Also, the lower center of gravity leads to more forgiveness when the starter hits the golf ball and enables the player to feel more stable.

This type of club has very thin clubhead walls, which results in faster swings and, thus, the ball goes a longer distance. It also has a smaller sole as compared to other woods, enabling novice golfers to get more bounce on the ball.

5 Wood

Golfers most of the time use their five wood to hit the second shot off the fairway, particularly when that fairway is well-groomed. This Taylormade golf club usually makes the ball to land softer, thus, the novice golfer gets less bad rolls. An example of a 5-wood is the TaylorMade V Steel because this club is very forgiving when the golfer hits less than a great shot. The shallower profile of this club provides more spin and a hanger launch angle, giving a higher ball flight causing in greater distance.


To play golf the players need several irons, and most common sets of clubs have between 7 and 11 irons. For novice golfers they only need 3 irons to be successful. Each iron has a number representing the relative angle of the loft to the clubface. The higher the iron club number, the larger the loft angle will be.


When the golfers want to cover less than 130 yards, the wedges clubs are used. It has a high launch angle, and has little roll distance after the ball hits the ground. They are helpful for approach shots to the putting green and getting the golf ball out of hazards. Even in the past, the novice golfers had different types of wedges in their bags, including a sand wedge, a pitching wedge, a lob wedge and a gap wedge.

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