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Create Your Own Shirt Instantly

September 21, 2018      In Sports Wear By ,,,, Comments Off on Create Your Own Shirt Instantly

Think of the last time that you bought a shirt. Unless you are one of those gifted shirt hunters, you probably found a shirt that was “good,” but was not really that “great.” You settled for a shirt, a specific look and feel that was not really you, but was ‘okay’ because you needed a new shirt. This is everyone’s story, at least 70% of the time.

But this old scenario is behind us now, because you can now literally create your own shirt instantly. What magic is this? No magic – just art and a whole lot of technology.

Custom shirts are by no means new. People have been customizing fabrics ever since humans determined that they can press a pigment unto anything that felt like fabric. Printing on fabrics is one of the oldest human arts.

But it is only in recent years that this technology has become openly available to absolutely anyone who wants to have a custom shirt. Through the help of smart Web software, people can now make their own custom shirts at home, and just have their new shirts delivered without ever leaving their home.

But how do you actually do it? There are a couple of things that you should remember if you want to create the most awesome looking custom shirt in the world:


  1. Brainstorm the design first before doing anything else. Brainstorming has two phases: thinking about what you want to say or express through the design and second, brainstorming about the actual look of the design.

Designs are not born instantly. When you are designing for something as personal as a shirt, the message has to be clear, and the design has to match the message perfectly.

  1. Take your time when you finally have an idea for your design. Draft it out on paper. Be as creative as you can. Create two or three versions of the same design and compare. Which one looks best to you?

create your own shirtIf you are unsure, give yourself time to ferment that great design idea of yours. Maybe you need to read a book, watch TV, or surf the Internet. Somewhere out there is the element that you are looking for to make your design really pop. Find it, and make your design even better.

  1. When rendering your image digitally, think out of the box. Direct rendering is good, but can you remix your own work so it would have more impact? Can you play with lines, colors, light, and contrast?

Can you make your image surreal or dream-like? Explore the possibilities. This is the main strength of digital art. You can make changes to your art and reverse the changes later on. Basic knowledge of Photoshop would be useful at this point, though you are not limited to just Photoshop.

You can use other kinds of image editing software if you want, too. If you aren’t very familiar with Photoshop, you can always use point and click apps on your mobile device. Use anything so you can modify the attributes of your image. Be experimental, be creative!

  1. Remember that your shirts are part of your personal branding. Think of how you can use your custom shirts to tell people what you are about, what you plan to do with life.

If you have passions, causes, you can use your shirts to tell people about these important facets of your life, too. While it does not have to be all the time, you can use your custom shirts to make people more aware, or at least curious about the things that matter to you.

Viewed in this light, making custom shirts is not just about being fashion-forward, it’s about making a statement. If you integrate this little facet into your designing efforts, trust us, your designs will become even more interesting and expressive.

  1. The front or back of a shirt is basically a limited canvas. It is a limited canvas because people generally expect to be able to understand what is on a shirt when they take a quick look at it.


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