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Innovations That Can Revolutionize the Digital Signage Industry

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Innovations That Can Revolutionize the Digital Signage Industry

August 7, 2015      In Internet By ,,,, Comments Off on Innovations That Can Revolutionize the Digital Signage Industry

Digital-SignageTechnology begets more technology. This fundamental principle explains the increase in technological development experienced by the world these past few years. More technology has been developed during the last century than in any other period of human history. Any technology developed opens opportunities to discover more innovations.

Any invention has the potential to revolutionize whole industries, which is why many firms are compelled to initiate research and development programs. In particular, the rich media signage industry, which is considered by people as several notches above traditional signage, is a breeding ground for creative thinkers. These people are currently pushing innovations, some which are highlighted below, which have the potential to propel the industry to unprecedented heights.

Audience Metrics and Targeted Advertisements

Humans are amazingly diverse, with each having varying preferences and inclinations. This has led some advertising techniques to become ineffective at increasing brand presence and motivating customers to buy products. Traditional advertisements simply cannot target every possible audience. There will always be a significant portion of the audience that the advertisement will fail to influence.

That is, until the appearance of targeted advertisements.

While still in its infancy, targeted advertisements enable signage marketers to reach a wider audience. In such an advanced system, specialized sensors can be used to measure the number of people passing in front of the display device. Other sensors can be used to determine basic demographic metrics of the crowd, such as gender or age. This information, along with other factors like the current time, can be used to determine which content would be most able to impact the audience. Content management servers and media players then instruct the display consoles to present the chosen advertisement.

Such rich media signage, integrated with various sensors, can also be used to measure the impact of an advertising campaign. Once again, sensors can measure the amount of time people look at the signage and track their eye movements, letting the system know which parts of the display garnered the most attention. This information can then be sent to marketers for further analysis.

Analysis of Visual Impact

Even nowadays, the human visual system remains unmatched in terms of flexibility and processing power. As a result, it is insanely difficult to predict which aspects of a visual image will be most noticed by other people. Regardless, this fact has not stopped some research firms from developing capable of analyzing the potential visual impact that an advertisement may achieve. Such software combines ideas from neuroscience and psychology, as well as data from multiple experiments, in order to create a framework for determining the amount of attention people will devote to various aspects of an advertisement. This technology can be used to remove potentially distracting elements and shift relevant objects to locations where they are more likely to be noticed by audiences.

Better Infrastructure

Continued research and development efforts have also opened opportunities to develop durable, powerful, and energy-efficient display equipment. Currently, firms are focused on developing exotic display technologies, such as organic LEDs, which have the potential to provide high-resolution displays while consuming little electricity. Other display technologies, such as fog screens and enhanced 3D projections, are being conceptualized by leading research companies.

Aside from upgrading display equipment, research initiatives are also trying to find better ways to facilitate communication among different components of a rich media signage system. Some research currently investigates the production of better conducting materials for wires, while others are experimenting with wireless communication systems.

The field of rich media signage is certainly brimming with innovation. As researchers improve existing technology or attempt to discover better methods, the signage industry has the potential to become one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

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