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Tips in Planning a Funeral

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Tips in Planning a Funeral

July 26, 2016      In Society By ,,, Comments Off on Tips in Planning a Funeral

A funeral is a ceremony wherein the life of a person is honoured and celebrated after his death. In early cultures, it is believed that the funeral is a way to send off our loved ones into the afterlife. Nowadays, a funeral is a means of honouring a life lived and as a means of saying goodbye. It is the place wherein friends and families gather to grieve and support one another.

The funeral is both for the deceased loved one and for the people who are left behind. That is why funerals are important. It is also the reason why people tasked to plan funerals find the task too challenging. You have already lost a loved one and aside from the grief, you are tasked to make a thousand decisions, making the whole process quite exhausting.

To make planning a funeral less difficult for you, here are some tips from us in

• Do not rush. Yes, there are numerous decisions that you need to make, but panicking and rushing everything won’t help. Remember that for most people, the funeral is the last chance to say goodbye to the deceased loved one. Deciding everything all at once just for the sake of finishing the plans will be quite unfair to the deceased and the people who will be there at the funeral. Calm down and decide when you are ready.

• Grieve and Accept. After slowing down and not rushing every decision, try to contemplate about what you are facing right now. Allow the truth to really sink in to you. Cry if necessary. Grieve. Accept that what you need to organize is a funeral. We are not saying that you need to completely accept the death of a loved one before planning because it will need more time. We are just asking you to try to take the first step into acceptance.

• Have a checklist. Get a piece of paper and a pen and sit down. Write down all the things that you need to buy and prepare. Write errands that you need to do. Planning a funeral can be quite exhausting and people tend to be forgetful. That is why checklists are crucial to keep track of tasks.

• Decide on a budget and stick to it. A lot of people have been overspending when planning a funeral. Some buy unnecessary things. To avoid spending, it would be well to decide on a budget from the start and work with it. We, at, can help you work with your budget. We also have available financial assistance if needed.

• Respect the deceased loved one’s wishes. Sometimes, a deceased loved one may have per-planned his/her funeral especially when the cause of death is of natural causes and a disease. He/She may have decided on some details about the funeral, such as the place for the funeral services and he/she may have wishes on who should deliver eulogies. The funeral is the way to honour the life of the deceased and to say goodbye to him/her so it is important to respect his/her wishes.

• Don’t forget what it’s all about – Honouring the life of the deceased. You can have a funeral that is personal. Play music that the deceased loved. You can display photographs of his/her best moments, yearbook pictures, awards and trophies and more. This environment will also make guests feel closer to the deceased one last time before it’s time to say goodbye for good.

• Ask for help for you need not do it alone. You can ask relatives and friends to help you. You can also choose the best funeral director in order to help you with everything you need. We, at, offer various services from embalming or cremation to celebration of life videos. We can handle details such as flower arrangements, so you can have more time for family members and grieve.

Those are only some of the things that you need to remember in planning and organizing a funeral. Let us help you and planning a funeral won’t be as challenging as you thought it would be. If these are still not enough, worry not because will be here to guide you.

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